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Sixteen albums from throughout Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based songwriter Rich Show’s four decade recording career are now available from Different Folk Records on all digital music platforms. Click on the links below for easy access to each release!

"That Was The Future, This Is The Past"

"That Was The Future, This Is The Past" (Bonus Tracks)



"Global Village"

"Rejoice in the Frustration"

"Soundtrack of a Man Who Will Never Amount to Anything" (Brown)

"Soundtrack of a Man Who Will Never Amount to Anything" (White)

"Soundtrack of a Man Who Will Never Amount to Anything"

"All Things Possible"

"Warner Brothers Sessions"






JAS Quintet’s “Bird Ritual Interrupted” NOW AVAILABLE

JAS Quintet “Bird Ritual Interrupted” cover artwork by  Anna Youngers  and design by Connor Burtis

JAS Quintet “Bird Ritual Interrupted” cover artwork by Anna Youngers and design by Connor Burtis

JAS Quintet is: Jeffrey Paul (piano,) Andrew Reinartz (bass,) Joel Shotwell (saxophone,) Daniel Heier (drums,) and Jim Speirs (trumpet.) Photo courtesy of the  White Wall Sessions .

JAS Quintet is: Jeffrey Paul (piano,) Andrew Reinartz (bass,) Joel Shotwell (saxophone,) Daniel Heier (drums,) and Jim Speirs (trumpet.) Photo courtesy of the White Wall Sessions.

Different Folk Records proudly announces “Bird Ritual Interrupted,” the first vinyl release from Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s JAS Quintet, now available on all digital platforms, compact disc, and vinyl.

The songs on “Bird Ritual Interrupted” were written by Joel Shotwell and arranged by the entire band. Here are Shotwell’s thoughts on the album:

 “At the start of this project I knew I wanted to do an album of all original music, and I knew I wanted it to come from an honest place. A place with no preconceived notion of how a song should go, in form or style. I purposefully wrote in a state of free improvisation, and grabbed ideas that came from that.

The track “Sitting Quietly Doing Nothing” came from harmonic ideas I had been working and practicing for some time -- nothing profound or amazing, just colors I liked. Then I freely used those ideas to see what happened. The tracks on Side B of the vinyl all came from this sort of process. Lots of sketches are still around of ideas that didn’t totally grab me -- I wasn’t sure these ideas would work either -- but the band has a way of making the tunes what they are.

Originally I had no intention of there being a theme or story for Side A of the record. But one day as I was getting my mail I heard a really distinct bird call. Which is the opening interval of the record, a minor third. It was so loud and resonant and beautiful in my head that I immediately went into my studio and started using it to meditate and improvise on. The weird thing is I had never heard that call before, nor since, and I can’t find an answer to what bird that may have been. I must’ve been hearing things, but it was loud and clear in that moment!

The first and fifth tracks are inspired by that call -- “Bird Ritual Interrupted” is supposed to represent two birds calling and courting each other. Underneath you hear the “Hawk” enter the scene, and at the end he attacks, killing the male. Track two is a representation of that hawk. In our neighborhood we get hawks, I’ve seen them go after birds and rabbits and other animals, sometimes they are successful. It’s amazing to watch!

After seeing the artwork that Anna Youngers did of the European Starling that we used for the cover, I was all in for the bird theme on Side A. The next thing I visualized were a group of crows, witnessing the event that took place between the two birds and the hawk. I imagined those crows in the old Disney movie “Dumbo,” watching and commenting on what’s happening. Each member of JAS Quintet is a different crow. Silly perhaps, but I found it kind of fun thinking that way.

The last full song on Side A is “Sparrow”, a lament coming from the female bird character to her lost love. Jami Lynn wrote the lyrics to the song and sang them. It turned out even better than I could have ever expected, and Jami’s always incredible.

All of this being said, I wouldn’t want to force any notion on anyone to listen a certain way. If you imagine what I imagine and it works and it is enjoyable that’s awesome. If you just listen and don’t imagine anything but still enjoy it, that’s great as well. I just hope you enjoy the album. Thanks for listening.”



Different Folk Records presents Rich Show's double album "That Was The Future, This Is The Past." Show has been heralded as South Dakota's all-time greatest rock & roll songwriter, with a catalog dating back over four decades. Nearing his 60th birthday, Show re-recorded songs from throughout his career, including music originally released with legendary Sioux Falls bands No Direction, Flag With Hank and Violet. In addition to 22 songs on this 180 gram double LP, Show recorded 19 more that will be included as a bonus digital download with every vinyl purchase. 41 songs total, representing the prolific career of South Dakota's own Rich Show. Download below from Bandcamp, 41 tracks for only $20! READ MORE HERE.

tIM eASTON & jOHN CALVIN ABNEY'S "Traveling days/full of farewells"

Our latest 7 inch vinyl release is Tim Easton and John Calvin Abney's split “Traveling Days/Full of Farewells.” Easton is a critically acclaimed Nashville-based songwriter, prepping his new full length album “Paco & The Melodic Polaroids” due in April. Tulsa-based John Calvin Abney is a renowned solo artist, currently touring & playing alongside John Moreland. Easton and Abney are frequent collaborators at such events as the Holiday Hangout in Little Rock/AR. Easton’s “Traveling Days” was recorded in Nashville, while Abney’s B-side “Full of Farewells” was made in Norman/OK. Order here.

Burlap Wolf KinG's Bitter Honey

Burlap Wolf King, is the vessel of song of South Dakota based singer/songwriter, Thomas Hentges. Hentges performs solo as well as with band, both under the Burlap Wolf King moniker.

Throughout 10 active years, BWK has seen a rotating cast of characters.   2009's full length LP "The Middle" was followed up by 2013's live and acoustic-leaning "BWK" EP.  Now back with a decidedly solidified six-piece lineup, Hentges and company are stronger than ever. BWK's 2017 full-length offering, "Bitter Honey", is highlighted by a distinct leap forward in songwriting & style, all the while showcasing this new outfit's prowess and versatility both live and in the studio.

Over the years Burlap Wolf King has had the pleasure of opening the evening for the likes of Trampled By Turtles, Justin Townes Earle, The Hold Steady, Robert Ellis, Centro-Matic, William Elliot Whitmore, Sam Outlaw, The White Buffalo, The Cactus Blossoms, Night Moves, "Spider" John Koerner, Deadstring Brothers, Ryley Walker, Charlie Parr,  Moondoggies, Rose Windows, Brian Wright, Jack Klatt and many more. Order here.

Will Johnson's "Patient, patient man/uinta"

Will Johnson is one of the most respected songwriters of the last 25 years -- working solo, with his bands Centro-matic and South San Gabriel, and in collaborations with Jason Molina, David Bazan, Jim James, Jay Farrar and others. Will recorded his upcoming Diff Folk 7" single by himself at home and that personal touch and intimacy permeates both songs. Order here.

Joey Kneiser & Kelly Smith's "Sunday Clothes/Lost In The Wind"

The record features new tracks from Joey & Kelly, of the Tennessee-based band Glossary: "Sunday Clothes" and "Lost In The Wind." Watch the music video for "Lost in the wind," directed by Joey (featuring Kelly on lead vocals.) Order here.

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